Our Practitioners


Lauren Phillips

Level 6 Sports Therapist - Degree Qualified

Ultrasound Treatments, Dry Cupping, Sports Taping, Exercise rehabilitation, Sports Massage.

Lauren Phillips is a Level 6 Sports Therapist, who studied as Buckinghamshire University. Lauren is an excellent therapist who specialises in injury treatment, assessment, and rehabilitation.

With lots of tools in her treatment box Lauren is able to assess which treatment path is best for you, also qualified in Sports taping, and Ultrasound.

Level 5 Sports & Injury Specialist

ROCK Taping & ROCK Blading

Emily Adams

Emily qualified with the Cambridge School of Sports Massage in

September 2016. Throughout  her training and ongoing treatments Emily

works with a very wide range of clients, in turn providing her with a

broad knowledge in treatment of discomfort or injury. Emily has also

participated in event massage at the London Marathon 2016 and Endure


As a keen runner and Footballer Emily understands the frustration of

spending time away from activities due to injury, and therefore has

worked hard to change her career to do something she loves and feels

passionately about. In addition, Emily is a Sport and Exercise graduate,

which gives her a deeper understanding of Anatomy and Physiology.

Gemma Gould

Level 4 Sports Therapist

Sports Taping

Gemma is one of our original team members of the clinic, and a Therapist with a great deal of experience and knowledge. Having already achieved her degree in Sports Science, Gemma has a keen eye for injury and can also help with rehabilitation exercises, Gemma is especially good with shoulders.

Tish Cleary

Level 6 Sports Therapist - Degree Qualified

Laser & Ultrasound Treatments

Colon Massage - Exercise Therapy

Tish is a Level 6 Sports Therapist, with a wide range of skills which will add a great

new element to treatments we can now offer to aid your rehabilitation.

Tish is also qualified in Ultrasound and Colon Massage.


Tish works very closely with Sports teams especially Rugby, therefore has excellent

insight with sports injury. Having also worked within the NHS assisting the Physiotherpy team and helping to rehabilitate patients in the stroke ward.

Sam Pilgrim



Level 7 Sport Rehabilitation Specialist

Ultrasound, Sports Taping, Rehabilitation

Sam has a Level 7 masters degree in Sports Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University, and is a member of the British Association of Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Trainers (BASRaT).


Qualified in Electrotherapy, Ultrasound and Athletic Taping. Sam holds a keen interest in all injuries from general population to high performance athletes. 

Level 6 BSc Sport Therapist

Dry cupping, Dry needling, Rock tape level 1 and 2

Alex Bates

IMG_2577 2.JPG

Alex has been in the leisure and wellness industry for over 14 years. In 2011 Alex was medically discharged from Royal Marine Commando training with chondromalacia patella (The softening or break down of cartilage on the underside of the knee cap). After years of rehab and surgery, managed to Cycle 1100 miles - John O Groats to Land’s End in 2015 and at the same time completing his BSc Degree in Sport Therapy at York St John’s University, graduating in 2016.

Alex have been fortunate enough to work and help a variety of clients with new and ongoing injuries, pre and post surgeries, sporting injury as well as every day occupational complaints. Alex is the lead Sports Therapist to Women’s British Basketball League, and tours around the UK and Europe with Roadside therapy assisting cyclists completing in incredible challenges for charity.


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