I'm Gemma the owner of Unique Body Clinic.

I opened the doors to the clinic in May 2009 and have now been in the fitness industry

for over 13 years. I started as a Studio Instructor/Personal Trainer and

followed it with Sports Massage a few years later, in

2008.  I initially intended to add the Sports massage service as part of 

Personal Training packages, to provide an all round service to clients. 

 However, once I started the Sports Therapy course it was an instant love

for me,  and fast became my full time vocation -  I have not looked back

since .


With 13 years now in clinic,  I  have treated a wide variety of ailments and

injuries, still I feel I am still always learning which is exactly what I love..

I can implement my background in  Personal Training, as well as my own 

training experience as it  allows me to provide useful aftercare advice in

order to rehabilitate following injury. I am fortunate to work with a very large variety of people - Athletes, Stage Competitors, Sports Teams to office workers and people with more manual occupations.

I am currently in the 4th year of 5 year Master Degree in Osteopathy at the University College of Osteopathy, so I will bring this knowledge to every treatment.

Gemma Townsend

Clinic Director

Trainee Osteopath

Senior Therapist/Medical Acupuncturist

Craig Peterson

Level 4 Sports Therapist

Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer

Craig is a specialist Personal Trainer and Level 4 qualified Sports

Massage Therapist. He has over 25 years experience in Health and

Fitness and has been treating clients to a very high standard since

joining the Unique Body Clinic team last year.

Craig also has a sporting background having won National

Championships at Swimming and Indoor Rowing. Having an avid

sporting background gives Craig a great deal of knowledge, in both

understanding how the body reacts to exercise but also in how to

rehabilitate for long term success

Emily Adams

Level 5 Sports & Injury Specialist

ROCK Taping & ROCK Blading

Emily qualified with the Cambridge School of Sports Massage in

September 2016. Throughout  her training and ongoing treatments Emily

works with a very wide range of clients, in turn providing her with a

broad knowledge in treatment of discomfort or injury. Emily has also

participated in event massage at the London Marathon 2016 and Endure


As a keen runner and Footballer Emily understands the frustration of

spending time away from activities due to injury, and therefore has

worked hard to change her career to do something she loves and feels

passionately about. In addition, Emily is a Sport and Exercise graduate,

which gives her a deeper understanding of Anatomy and Physiology.

Gemma is one of our original team members of the clinic, and a Therapist with a great deal of experience and knowledge. Having already achieved her degree in Sports Science, Gemma has a keen eye for injury and can also help with rehabilitation exercises, Gemma is especially good with shoulders.

Gemma Gould

Level 4 Sports Therapist

Sports Taping

Jessica Roberts


 Medical Acupuncturist, Level 6  Sports Therapist

Jessica Roberts is an Osteopath within the Unique Body Clinic team.

Jess is also qualified in Medical Acupuncture and completed her degree in Osteopathy this year, this gives Jess has a great depth of knowledge through clinical thinking.

Tish Cleary

Level 6 Sports Therapist - Degree Qualified

Laser & Ultrasound Treatments

Colon Massage - Exercise Therapy

Tish is a Level 6 Sports Therapist, with a wide range of skills which will add a great

new element to treatments we can now offer to aid your rehabilitation.

Tish is also qualified in Ultrasound and Colon Massage.


Tish works very closely with Sports teams especially Rugby, therefore has excellent

insight with sports injury. Having also worked within the NHS assisting the Physiotherpy team and helping to rehabilitate patients in the stroke ward.

Yasmin Brynin

Level 5 Sports Therapist 

Student Osteopath 

Medical Acupuncturist - Sports Taping

Yasmin Brynin is our Level 5 Sports Therapist who is also 4 years in to a 5 year Masters Degree in Osteopathy.

Yasmin brings her clinic thinking in to every session and has worked for Brighton Football Club so has a great deal of experience in sporting injury and rehabilitation. Yasmin has also completed qualifications in Sports Taping, medical Acupuncture and lymphatic drainage massage.

Kathleen Moore

Level 5 Sports Therapist 

Student Osteopath 

Pregnancy Massage for health conditions

Sports Taping

Kathleen Moore is our Level 5 Sports Therapist who is also 4 years in to a 5 year Masters Degree in Osteopathy. 

Kathleen has a great deal of experience in manual therapy and manipulations. Kathleen has also worked with pregnant ladies who are suffering a great deal of pain during pregnancy and new mums post pregnancy.

Lauren Phillips

Level 6 Sports Therapist - Degree Qualified 

Ultrasound Therapist

Sports Taping - Injury Assessment & Rehabilitation

Lauren Phillips is a Level 6 Sports Therapist, who studied as Buckinghamshire University. Lauren is an excellent therapist who specialises in injury treatment, assessment, and rehabilitation.

With lots of tools in her treatment box Lauren is able to assess which treatment path is best for you, also qualified in Sports taping, and Ultrasound.

Dominic Bolt

Level 5 Sports Therapist 

Student Osteopath 

Sports Taping - Medical Accupuncture

Dominic Bolt is our Level 5 Sports Therapist who is also 4 years in to a 5 year Masters Degree in Osteopathy.


Dominic's biggest passion is the science behind pain, and is a very knowledgeable therapist. With his great hands on skills he can assess and rehabilitate injury and pain and formulate a plan on your road to recovery.

Dominic has also trained in Sports Taping and Medical Acupuncture.

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