Medical Acupuncture, or as referenced 'Dry Needling' involves inserting fine needles for muscular release and a therapeutic effect. Overall, it is an adaptation of the Chinese method just using modern up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Medical Acupuncturists no longer conform to the notion of Ying and Yang. However, we do aim to create homeostasis within the body.

There have been a number of studies looking into the validity and benefits of acupuncture as an accepted form of medical practice. 

One popular contention is that acupuncture only appears to work by inducing a placebo effect. A placebo effect is what happens when a person believes they have been treated. Recovery and pain relief is thought to happen as a result of this sense of belief and expectation. However, one study published in the NeuroImage journal claims to have found scientific evidence that acupuncture does in fact have a direct effect on the body.

Does it really work?

Medical Acupuncture: