Ingrid Payne

Stott Pilates Trained

Hello, I am Ingrid and I am a Stott Trained Pilates Instructor.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and predominantly come from a very high impact fitness career I have over time and injury discovered just how important this element of training is to help our bodies.

I injured my back quite severely a few years back, which led to surgery. This was a huge setback for me, I was unable to complete my usual high impact training any longer and had to rehabilitate myself, keep fit and keep teaching. Pilates was my answer and I have not looked back since.

Pilates focuses on building your body's core strength and improving your posture through a series of low repetition low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

By core strength, we are talking about your back, abdominal and pelvic muscles. Through Pilates, you will be able to develop these muscles without adding bulk, increasing your flexibility and agility, and at the same time toning your stomach and thigh muscles.

Pilates goes far beyond your core muscles, and not only provides a complete body workout (you will be working muscles you didn't even know you had), but also helps you develop an awareness of how your body works, helping your mind and body to work in harmony. Please feel free to visit my Facebook page, Breathe Pilates, link below.



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