Sports Massage - Injury & Assessment

What is Sports Massage?

The common misconception from the treatment title is that 'Sports Massage' is only for the sporty, but it is a term used for the deeper variety of massage that was first seemingly popular with people in the sporting field.

Your Sports Therapist will carry out a full assessment of the area, talk you through what they think could be causative, and carry out treatment.

This therapy gets deep into the muscle tissue to release trigger points of tension caused by not only activity but everyday postures undertaken in work and home life. It is patterns that we repeat day in day out, like if you sleep on your side every night or work seated everyday for hours - these things all greatly impact on posture and in turn create tightness and weakness in muscle tissue resulting over time in muscular pain.


Not only can this treatment help to increase range of movement, strength, and speed up recovery from injury or pain. It can also boost your immune system, improve lymphatic damage and increase blood circulation.


A few things it can alleviate:


Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Upper/mid/lower back pain


Carpal Tunnel

Plantar Fasciitis

Muscle Strain/tear recovery

Arthritis symptom relief

Stress tension

Wrist Pain and much more

Various techniques are used to treat a variety of ailments including trigger point therapy, differing massage strokes, positional stretches, and movement exercises. We will treat the cause of your pain to prevent re-injury, we always aim to achieve a return to full function as soon as we can. Whether you need general deep tissue body massage or treatment for muscle Strains/Sprains, postural problems or muscle tension/Spasm.